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Here's some PU stall, hope everyone has fun against this. The name was inspired by the discord, it is called AppleStack, being built around Appletun and Naclstack. The team is very standard and uninteresting, but it's strong. I haven't run into anything that blows it wide-open yet.

:naclstack::appletun::sableye::articuno::weezing::sandslash: <--- Click Me

The Stars
:Naclstack: :Appletun:
Tera water Naclstack handles the major breakers, think Band Perrserker, Poliwrath in rain, Medicham, Both Taurii, etc. Appletun similarly handles the special breakers quite well. You might wonder why I have Iron Defense on Naclstack and no Body Press. Basically there are a lot of Bulk Up + Drain Punch mons and Iron defense lets you outlast them with Recover + Salt Cure damage. 9.5 times out of 10 though you're just switching to Sableye to click encore.

The Support Group
:Sableye: :Articuno: :Weezing:
Sableye/Weezing is a feared defensive core on its own, Articuno being the best defensive mon in the tier had to be included as well. These 3 snuff out any attempt at momentum via Haze/Dual WoW/Encore and Weezing and Cuno provide a fall back for if NaclTun go down to early shenanigans. I like all the teras here, I have very rarely clicked tera fairy on Sable or Psychic on Weezing, but Cuno is probably my 3rd most common tera-target to break stalemates with volt-turn teams.

The Flex Slot
I personally really like Sandslash and considering he was rated High on the VR list it seems I am not in the minority. I needed removal and Sandslash rounds out the squad very well. Adding spikes support and a secondary knocker is really enough to justify it being on the list. I never really click tera dark on it, and there might be a more valuable defensive tera like ghost for it so feel free to experiment.

There were only 2 real changes I made. The first was replacing body press with stealth rocks on Naclstack. I literally didnt click bpress a single time, Salt Cure/Switching is always better for momentum. The second was replacing Draco Meteor with Dragon Tail on Appletun, I very rarely clicked Draco over Apple Acid and Dtail synergizes with your hazard stacking while breaking stalemates.

vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv - Below is rien's probably slightly better version
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editing after my initial post came off as confrontational, which was poor judgement on my behalf and for which i apologize. please credit both me and waterfals if my version is being used

coincidentally built a very similar team that i've been using since day 1, the main differences between the versions are body press>iron defense on nacl, flamethrower>wisp on weezing, different tera types and some proprietary spreads (enough speed on sandslash to outspeed timid/jolly base 85s after one spin and some speed on weezing to outspeed other weezings).
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Most of these teams are built around some weird/meme set I was testing, which is what the descriptions mainly talk about.
(click on pics for their pokepaste)
Now that's a lot of physical wallbreaking.
Why can't Phione learn Draining Kiss? It would at least have a chance at being usable... ;-;
Magcargo enjoys punishing U-turn and such with Flame Body.
Been doing this a lot this gen, giving bulky mons Restalk due to their lack of recovery.
Blunder Policy for Hurricane could also work, opening up a slot for Sub or something.
Why does Mabosstiff randomly have above average Speed (base 85)? Also was trying Arbok but had little success, UR this mon.
The idea here is for Mabosstiff to bring in bad matchup for the opp through Roar, forcing them to switch out and triggering Stakeout.
Tried to make Furret work as a support-ish Scarf mon. Did not succeed.
Medicham can be held back by it's Speed, so just lower the foes' Speed instead!
Get Magcargo's defenses lowered with Shell Smash+Weak Armor, then use Guard Swap to give em to your opp. GG.
Gluttony would be 100% more reliable on this Appletun set but memes.
Just another attempt to make Phione work. Tho I did enter it in a teambuilding contest, link here.
The title says it all. Also it's fun when Ampharos's Discharge+Static paralyzes everything. (mon legit deserves to be raked)
Sand Force Probopass.
Fire Blast>Assurance on Tauros. Sableye and Spiritomb are neutral to Assurance, Misdreavus isn't common anymore, and Haunter is Haunter. Fire Blast gets the Sheer Force+LO boost and 2HKOes Trevenant and Houndstone.
We've gone a long way with Gravity since when our best setters were Stonjourner and Wigglytuff.
Mold Breaker lets Fraxure RK non-tera Farigiraf with First Imprison and ignores stuff like Alolan Persian's Fur Coat and Houndstone's Fluffy.
Dazzling Gleam Sableye is fun on paper, letting it hit those Dark mons and even getting the boost from Tera Fairy, but the loss of a slot for a utility move made it ultimately not worth it.
Just built this majorly to test out Monferno. As much as I love the monke from past PU gens, it sucks. Just UR it.
As a new month with new drops comes in, HO does, once again, excellently. I'm going to dump this team with which I got, like, what could have got me medicham reqs lol.


This is pretty much a standard HO build, the only "rare" member being Orthworm, which was, ironically for this kind of teams, the mon I built for.

:orthworm: So I knew I wanted to use a cute set with this thing and I went to the teambuilder and saw what it got. I saw two hazards (the best ones I may say), a move which could ko itself pretty easily and unfort no taunt to stop opposing hazards/slower defog, but a cheeky metal burst which almost nobody ever expects. Sash obvi as a suicide lead and tera ghost for blocking spin, pretty self-explanatory. Metal Burst has been great to bop menaces such as Zard/Pyro from opps who can pretty much tell that Orth is the suicide lead in this HO team; it is worth keeping in mind that it does not have negative priority, which is why it won't work if you are faster than the opposing mon. Orthworm surprisingly okay speed at 251 lets it pretty much make early progress in almost every match, whether by setting up rocks or bopping mons with metal burst and even steel beam from fully invested.

:farigiraf: pretty standard set. I took this spread from uberskitty's phione team for building comp and it is lovely bc it outspeeds 105 scarfers and poli/ludi under rain after the agility boost. I also learned that is way better to run dazzling gleam over tera blast, so yeah. Moves, tera type, and item pretty much explain themselves. Also, this mon is freaking nuts. Like maybe we should have suspected this over medicham?? It can steal a lot of games with the right positioning, which can usually get easily enough.

:tauros-paldea-combat: i wouldn't say this is my signature bu pauros set but i also haven't seen anybody else use this exact set, really. Not going to be bold and presumptuous and speak from ignorance, so I'll just explain it. Standard BU Pauros things, with the coverage move this time being Zen Headbutt given the amount of Weezing and now Muk running around; it also helps with the mirror mu. This set is still pretty good in PU imo, and I think people have overlooked the tauros bros a bit. Lum Berry is great to ignore wow and assure 2hkos in weezing but also some other mons who want to stop with status before they go down when they are 2hko'd. It does struggle against the sabs, spiris, and houndstoones running around but well, that's what teammates are for. Tera Psychic is pretty good for giving extra power to kill poison types, but also stop and possibly set up in the late game vs pauros/cham/passimian, etc.

:rotom: it is such a good scarfer! I wanted next a ghost type in case i needed an emergency spinblocker but wow, it sure loves to come in and be a nuisance. It is the standard set so I won't really explain it further, but it helps the team a lot in order to rkill stuff, but also pivot spam along with basculin and chip mons for the sweepers.

:vivillon-high plains: vivi is kinda dumb but at the same time i feel like it sometimes is lacking in power and it becomes a little hax dependent on the sleep turns. However, it has helped me to cheese through some tough mus. Compound Eyes + Sleep Powder is so so so silly paired with its great speed tier, istg. You can even use it to put something to sleep and bring in safely another mon and let it sweep. Sleeper pick in HO rn (absolutely compulsory pun). Tera Blast Ground + Hurricane is a great combo, as usual.

:basculin-blue-striped: i really don't care about what people say about the better water types in pu yara yara, banded basculin is still so menacing. I knew I wanted raw power given the nature of the build so I went fully Adaptability with Wave Crash. And oh boy did it make holes through my opponent's teams. I paired it ofc with aqua jet to easily rkill other mons and flip turn to guacamole dip and chip my opponent and keep up momentum. I opted to go for psychic fangs for poli and weezing but I really never used it, so perhaps you would wanna go liq on this slot or maybe even ice fang, although pfangs is still solid. Super fun mon as always.

So I had a lot of fun with this team and I got that surprisingly good run on ladder that I wasn't expecting or going for at all lol. I'm really happy about the orthworm set and hopefully it finds some place on some of your teams as well. I'm overall happy with the meta so far; I'm still excited to see what becomes the standard and I encourage you all to experiment and explore with the new drops! cheers
(a bunch of these mons just dropped, so they aren't on the VR, but I hope that's fine)
:sneasel-hisui: :houndstone: :farigiraf: :cramorant: :golem-alola: :bombirdier: / :honchkrow:

My current PU team, getting me to 1556 and a neat 64-20 W/L rate. fuckin' top 2? hello?
image-2.png - 2023-11-13T105423.089.png

It's incredibly hyper offense, built around sacrificing multiple members of the team (usually Golem) to get in Sneasel or Farigiraf to clean up games. I apologize to every actually good player on the ladder who lost to this team lol

[Teambuilding method]

:golem-alola: is the star of the show; beyond just being my favorite mon in PU at the moment, it's a fantastic wallbreaker that relies on its physical bulk to survive one hit and counterattack with the force of the sun. Over the course of the last few days, I've come to accept Tera Ice Terablast as the best fourth move to delete Arboliva and Appletun, although Tera Electric to have a chance to OHKO some of the bulkiest mons in the tier with Body Slam or Tera Grass to resist the most common moves Rain and Sun throw at you. With Boom, you can do significant damage to even the sturdiest of physical walls to make room for Sneasel late-game. If you run Tera Electric, you can swap to Stealth Rock over Tera Blast just fine. Tera Grass is also a viable option to resist Water hits (lol poliwrath) and click Boom, as well as still resisting Morpeko's Aura Wheel and tanking ONE Arboliva grass move.

:sneasel-hisui: :farigiraf: These two are the simplest clean up crew in the game; Sneasel is fantastic at immediately breaking special defense cores or teams relying on hazeless physical walls, and Farigiraf is an extremely consistent mon through Trick Room and Nasty Plot giving it to ways to save games. TR in particular is great for getting Golem in vs faster threats. SD Sneasel with Taunt lets you slowly blow through Weezing/Muk with Haze, Tera Dark beats the Pranksters, and dual STAB is all you need to nuke everything else.
If you like to change up the threats that Farigiraf can beat, Psyshock+Tbolt with Tera Electric is a pretty safe bet vs most teams while still giving options to hit virtually everything barring Morpeko.

:bombirdier: :honchkrow: Both of these two are interchangable, and I swap between them regularly. Both are partially used for speed control (Scarf Bombirdier, Sucker Honch) but I believe these two have enough different to warrant both: Bird is better when the opposing team lacks a faster scarfer as well as provides entry for Farigiraf easily, while Honch can serve as a Will-o absorber and a special nuke who still packs one of the strongest priority moves in the tier. Honch is absolutely the worse of the two, but Special Honch is sleeper good vs all of the physical def mons roaming the tier, and gives a crucial Will-O absorber to a team which lacks any such.

:houndstone: The only defensive mon on the team. Polter+Sneak are the 2 STAB moves you need, Crunch smacks Farigiraf, and Play Rough generally hits mons that have their item knocked off, Dragons, or Passimian as hard as possible. AV makes you a great defensive stopgap to some of the scariest threats in the tier, particularly Rain abusers, and if the opponent has a Ditto and copies Sneasel, it's a great resist for both STAB options.

:cramorant: This thing is glue that usually just surfs once to chip something down then dies. I use Defog only sporadically if the opposing team is hazard-heavy.

Some replays in action.
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Memento + Belly Drum Charizard HO

:bombirdier: :morpeko: :arboliva: :charizard: :dugtrio-alola: :indeedee:

Hello, I wanted to post a team that I had been having quite a bit of fun laddering with.

Bombirdier is my suicide lead chosen due to having Memento + Rocks as well as Taunt to help support Charizard. That's pretty much for Bombirdier though, it taunts, gets up rocks, maybe Knocks something, and Mementos out into Charizard usually.

When looking for Pokemon who got Memento, I noticed Arboliva was someone who got the move which was part of which gave me some inspiration for the team. Arboliva usually lures Pokemon like Articuno and Appletun in which it can then Memento on to give Charizard a chance to set up. Its also not too bad a breaking as well and its bulk gives my team some backbone versus Water- and Electric-types as well. For those wondering, I put Harvest on my Arboliva since I didn't want Grassy Terrain to weaken my Dugtrio-Alola and Charizard's Earthquakes.

The main star of the show, I've wanted to try Belly Drum Charizard out ever since I saw Bombirdier drop to the tier due to my experiences using it in NU for some time. Here, it will Belly Drum, activate Sitrus Berry which also powers up Acrobatics, Flame Charge, and sweep. It also finds set up opportunities on Grass-types such as Lurantis and Fighting-types like Passimian as well. Very fun Pokemon to use in a tier and has been pretty fun here as well.

Dugtrio is the last Pokemon to round out my Memento core. I wanted a volt blocker and Dugtrio fit the bill providing me with one more Memento user in the back that, better yet, lures in Orthworm which is another Pokemon Charizard can setup on. It's also no slouch offensively as well, I gave it Swords Dance so it could try and break teams that lack consistent answers to it and Life Orb Earthquake hits quite hard. It also lures in Passimian quite a lot which is good for me because if Passimian locks into Close Combat, then I usually am able to set up with Charizard.

I realised that Bombirdier was not enough for my hazard control needs, I needed a back up plan incase of Whiscash and friends, and thus I am running Morpeko for Rapid Spin while it also gives me some more Knock Off which is always nice, and Parting Shot is kinda a pseudo Memento so that's nice.

Indeedee is another Pokemon I slap on a lot of my HO teams just because its really fast with a Scarf, has good attacking stats which makes it good at cleaning, provides Psychic Terrain to stop priority, has Healing Wish for support, has Trick to cripple walls. It offers a lot in one slot which is really hard to give up for most HO teams at the moment.

That's it, I hope you enjoy the team :)
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before current meta ends I'll put this up

Probopass @ Leftovers
Ability: Sturdy
Tera Type: Ghost
EVs: 252 HP / 176 Def / 80 SpA
Bold Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Body Press
- Flash Cannon
- Stealth Rock
- Iron Defense
Originally was Duraludon and on the quest to look for the closest 1:1 replacement after his ban came up with Probo. While it can't recover like Avalugg, it makes up for it by not folding to special attacks and being toxic immune. Also Flash Cannon does surprising damage.

Floatzel @ Choice Band
Ability: Water Veil
Tera Type: Water
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Jolly Nature
- Flip Turn
- Aqua Jet
- Low Kick
- Wave Crash
Love Floatzel. I prefer Low Kick over Ice Spinner only because Steel types are harder to deal with for the team, also hits Avalugg harder. Anything weak to Ice (Grass types, Dragon, etc) can be handled by a mix of the other mons.

Scraggy @ Eviolite
Ability: Shed Skin
Tera Type: Fairy
EVs: 252 HP / 4 Atk / 252 SpD
Careful Nature
- Drain Punch
- Knock Off
- Rest
- Bulk Up

Ran this originally to deal with Indeedee before the ban. Usually I don't touch this til near the end of the game, unless there's a Pory2 that needs to be knocked and my Muk/P2 aren't in a position to handle dealing with it. Deceptively high special bulk, and it's nice to not have to worry about status. And more knock is good. all that being said, this is the mon that is easiest to switch out of the team for something else. Not that I have tried, as I'm very content with it.

Muk @ Leftovers
Ability: Sticky Hold
Tera Type: Dark
EVs: 252 HP / 4 Atk / 252 Def
Impish Nature
- Protect
- Toxic
- Drain Punch
- Knock Off

May look eerily similar to a physically defensive Swalot but don't be fooled. Muks Drain Punch gives it more longevity than Swalot, who lacks the move. Combined with Protect, you have something that tanks much, much more then a Swalot and more reliably. Sturdy enough to tank most physical hits and Knocks, using Drain to stay decently healthy. Toxic is such a power move and it has the bulk to tank a Ground move from a Rhydon or Palo to pull it off at least once. Tanks any fighting move like a boss.

Porygon2 @ Eviolite
Ability: Analytic
Tera Type: Ghost
EVs: 252 HP / 4 SpA / 252 SpD
Calm Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Recover
- Thunder Wave
- Thunderbolt
- Ice Beam
Originally my Duraludon counter. Now just a good ducky. Ghost Tera was for handling Duraludon Body Press, but now it's just useful to avoid random fighting moves. Boltbeam is good neutral coverage and deals nice damage when Analytic pops off.

Swanna @ Heavy-Duty Boots
Ability: Big Pecks
Tera Type: Ground
EVs: 252 HP / 224 Def / 32 Spe
Impish Nature
- Brave Bird
- Knock Off
- Roost
- Defog

If using Floatzel, you want something for Water Absorb mons. Enter defensive Swanna, who has the bulk to tank not only things like Poliwrath, but other enemy Floatzel. It's worth noting that this Swanna is bulky enough to come in on and Defog vs Palo. Knock on Swanna is nearly unheard of, letting you Knock switchins that think they're safe like Cuno or Pory2. The speed evs, combined with Swannas bulk, allow it to come in on Clawitzer and knock off whatever it's item was, making it much more manageable for your Pory2. Swanna is bulky enough to handle Passimian/fightings, but usually that is left to Muk, still good to keep in mind, this thing is deceptively bulky, actually has more phys bulk then Cramorant, did you know?

is fun


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I'm an old school NUer (like BW-XY) who hasn't played seriously in like 7-8 years but randomly picked up PU cause I'm bored and on break. I have no clue what's good and what's not, I just threw together some stuff based off vibes and ended up with a 8:1 WLR (24:3) on the ladder and thought I'd share the two teams I used. Deffo don't have time to keep laddering / building but hopefully people can grab inspiration from some sets.

Screen Shot 2023-12-25 at 8.02.10 PM.png

Volbeat VoltSwitch
I definitely did the majority of my laddering with this team. This team was built around CB floatzel, recognizing how insane it is with Tera Water Wave Crash / Flip Turn. Ι added CB Passimian which more or less lets you click buttons and delete anything you want. However, the real star of the show genuinely became this volbeat set. It's insanely bulky and can come in on almost any setup sweeper or fast mon in general and cripple with either encore or thunder wave, and can stall out anything that cant 2hko it. It's actually probably the strongest set here, and brings in a ton of momentum and really sets you up to just spam with your two CB users which is ultimately the wincon. The reset of the team outside of these three are here to not lose momentum and find safe opportunities to get off CB wave crashes and close combats.

Tera Grass Zard HO
I built this team around Zard who has since my time playing A) gained hurricane and B) gained a potential strong instant grass coverage move -- this set is fairly strong and before rocks go up can bluff scarf/specs sets well, much like EBelt sets I used to run. Sneasel has pretty good synergy with zard hitting an insane speed tier and being able to punch through a lot of the rock types you might encounter -- it also crushes fairy/dark types and lets alolan persian sweep. There's significant similarity between the Floatzel and Samurott sets -- being a BW/XY player the presence of a fairly strong water stab voltswitch move is more than I could pass up. I like Samurott here more because people tend to A) expect SD and get bopped by megahorn by keeping grass mons in and B) it's sufficiently bulky to actually be pivoted into water moves as the only resist on the team (this is probably a significant limitation but if you can find a tera grass on zard or rhydon its easy to play around). Rotom + Persian alola like the above team help drive momentum and find opportune moments to bring in Zard and Sneasel to do the legwork of the team.

Sets I haven't run into elsewhere on the ladder:

Triple Water STAB CB floatzel / samurott
Bulky Pivot Volbeat
Tera Grass AAA Charizard
Nobody using probopass/rhydon but they're very strong

I probs won't play mons again for another 4-5 years and hopefully the game evolves more but I had a lot of fun over the past week. Hopefully some of these sets are somewhat new to the PU tier and are able to be taken advantage of in a meaningful way by a player more dedicated than I. -- Cheers.
custap rock/coil snake

First team that I was really trying on. Never got too far, hovering around 1100 elo at best, but I just really love the idea of custap regirock.

The steam is pretty straight forward, you almost always lead with alolan persian, which is solid counter to froslass or anyone just tryna setup (this team kinda struggles against hazards i find). sneasel helps with cleanup or can be a great setup sweeper, same with the snake, and even the regi. Articuno is good to threaten opposing sweepers. the eel is great for momentum/coverage.

nada e ninguem

formerly Kyuss
2012 summer

With the recent bans, i feel like i should drop here my most successful team that made me climb all the way up to top 5 on the ladder with 4 different alts at some point quite easily. It was inspired by a team that was #1 in the ladder on PO back in 2012 BW OU and the things have changed so much that it seemed like i could reproduce it in 2024 PU. The original team was SpDef Ninetales/Scarf Healing Wish Latios/Donphan/Snorlax/Band Victini/Utility Chlorophyll Venusaur. The idea is basically to make a sun team that doesn't depend on sun and honestly i almost never took advantage of sun to win before very late game as it's structure works pretty well regardless.

The breakdown of the inspiration:
: Work very well as a utility SpDef wall that burns/encores with ease and works pretty well with the addition of tera and losing it's water weakness with the weather.
: Being in the spot of Latios is no easy task but Mesprit has done it pretty well. We lose the pivoting capacity of Victini in favour of Fauros, but have gained in Mesprit that works well setting the tempo, tearing setup sweepers and making make sure walls don't recover with Psychic Noise
: Our poor's man Donphan, not much to say.
: The Glue of the team tanking every special hit fairly easily. Opted for coverage instead of setup as i don't want to lose Weather turns with it. The good addition to it's moveset is Heat Crash, hitting very hard on sun due to it's weight.
: A behemoth that can OHKO even resistances in the sun, very useful ability that means it can check a lot of stuff while having no reliable switchins
: I think that's the main change, given that back in BW sun was there to stay, a utility/defensive chlorophyll was ok, but there we have limited turns so you might as well take the most out of it. Tried Strenght Sap over Growth, but in the end the setup set was way more useful.

Who knows if at some point i'll be able to use it again, but there it is, saved for the record.

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Hello, i am DuGuo, just a new puer and a nobody here. I had been interested in pu in a long time but I hadn't had much contact yet. The last time i played i guess is 2022 i helped for gorex's team in pupl. Due to study i also missed the 2023 puwc(i had wanted to captain in 2022 lol).
But fortunately, this year i was drafted in a chinese team tour to play pu, i started to really play it.
Here are some teams or thoughts i want to share. Due to the tier shift some may be outdated, just forgive it :)
Click it!

Rocking and dancing!(Outdated)
This is the first truly pu team i built! My first idea in pu is to run Grassy Surge. This guy is so cool and this team just a dish. It is a half-ho team i guess, looks a little strange. It has experienced so many versions like: :Sandaconda:+Tera Glass:Charizard:/:Gabite: and so on. It is just a ladder ho team for enjoying so just choose the sets u like!
BTW the double Registeel i think it is underestimated seriously. It has proved itself in 8ru/uu and it is really strong. Hope it will play well in nu!
Doule dance farigiraf is also a powerful set.

:Dudunsparce::Sableye::Registeel::Cramorant::Hariyama::Wo-Chien: (Outdated)
A try on stall, maybe looks so stupid:)

:Avalugg-Hisui::Charizard::Dudunsparce::Poliwrath::Registeel::Rotom-Mow: (Outdated)
This team i stolen from pu circ 2023, hope I don't pay copyright fees for this. I tried my best to perfect evs. Spd H-Avalugg is good to eat some vs simply and still good at def. You know, the marginal effect is that my investment in evs on spd will yield more benefits. Other spe evs is my like, if u really want to know——why run 24/28/56 spe evs?? Just read the speed list.
edit: Thanks fish anemometer gave me the team he used! This amazing team is his.

S/o gum ! (Outdated)
I just randomly pm a controller in the pu room and gum helped me about perfecting this team. I wanted to build a team to beat balance team which likes stall and i try the fat setter Alcremie.
Although I didn't encounter the Mu I wanted in the tour, this team still helped me win.

And... Some thoughts, or gimmicks.
Glastrier @ Leftovers
Ability: Chilling Neigh
Tera Type: Fire
EVs: 248 HP / 172 SpD / 88 Spe
Careful Nature
- Substitute
- Body Press
- Iron Defense
- Icicle Crash
Most Glastriers i seen is cb or even dance. This guy is also powerful.
Avalugg-Hisui (M) @ Heavy-Duty Boots
Ability: Sturdy
Tera Type: Ground
EVs: 232 Atk / 252 SpD / 24 Spe
Careful Nature
- Rapid Spin
- Mountain Gale
- Earthquake
- Recover
As mentioned earlier, just to emphasize again.

Now is too late to write for me. My tour isnt ended and i will try the new meta recently. I will share if i have enough time.
Thanks for reading!
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(ok, let's pretend I didn't forget to post this a month ago)
I'll be dumping here all the teams I've used on PTPL
all of these teams are outdated by now, but you can use them as inspiration/ideas for your own teams Week 1 vs Raahel (W) Week 2 vs AzZoCcX (W) Week 3 vs Bella (W) Week 4 vs fish anemometer (L) Week 5 vs justdrew (W) Week 6 vs Slip (W) Week 7 vs Skyrio (W) Semifinals vs fish anemometer (W) Finals vs avarice (L)

7-2 score isn't ideal, but I did what I could
again, huge thanks to LpZ, siras and Beraldo for helping with the teams!

so yeah, I think that the goal of this thread isn't to post outdated teams, so here are some current teams I've built: Band Lycanroc balance

I loved using lycanroc back when Tornadus was around, it's incredible speed allows it to outspeed basically everything in the tier, and it can be really difficult to stop in certain matchups. Accelerock is a insane tool for revenge killing faster foes such as agility braviary
It pairs really well with mow rotom, since it appreciates lycanroc luring sandaconda and sandslash for it Coil Scale Shot Sandaconda + Charizard

Made this one for fun. Charizard has been in the tier for centuries and it never ceases to be viable. This sandaconda moveset is really fun to use, since it can be a suprise late-game sweeper and it also appreciates Charizard threatening bronzong for it.

hope you guys like the teams, I'll hopefully be back on the next PU tournament
have fun!


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Just wanna start with a s/o to Karthik, who made this process much easier!

Here's a bunch of teams I've made since the DLC2 came out! The teams are in order of new to old, with the pokepaste links in the pics. Also here's a few "disclaimers":
  • I mostly build balance, which applies to most of these teams that aren't built around weather/terrain/rooms (TR ain't the only room in here >:D)
  • While I didn't include teams with banned mons, many of the older ones were built in their metas aka with said banned mons in mind.
  • Some teams some mons might still have sleep-inducing moves, I removed the ones I noticed though.
  • A large proportion of there are and/or contain memes.
  • Most team descriptions are actually just about said memes, this post may or may not be an excuse to post some of my sets.
  • April shifts are in a few days, and who knows how relevant these teams will be then.

---Post-March Shift---

Wanted to try out Tera Fire on Scyther specifically for Houndstone (but also hits stuff like Bronzong), and paired it with some SpikesStack since that's pretty good right now. Stuck a couple phazers on there that I hadn't used in a while, and DIPPLIN IS DECENT I SWEAR!!! The team is admittedly kinda slow at times, with Bruxish having originally been Scarf but I wanted the immediate power+priority of CB.

Yup, AV Bastiodon. With that out of the way, Farigiraf is there for Wish support for Bastiodon. I also considered here Dachsbun for its better type synergy, but I also wanted to try out Granbull again (Granbull being also on an earlier team, posted further down). Added some faster mons since the team was looking pretty slow, and finally some Spikes since I was having trouble finding an SR setter that didn't majorly overlap with Bastiodon.

Passimian can 2HKO that Palossand with base 120 Tera Grass Grass Knot. This meme-y lure fit well with one-attack Facade/SD/Copycat Grafaiai, which has proven to be an amazing set that I do legit recommend (inspired by a set by Scarf Kricketune with DEdge>Facade!). Also added some Spikes into the mix, and you've got some fun HO. Also here's a replay of the Grafaiai set being broken:
Replays - Pokémon Showdown! (
...until I misplayed at the end of what should have been a sweep by clicking Facade instead of Copycat. I was salty af (at myself), but leoperi99 is really cool and let me play it out if I hadn't screwed up:
Replays - Pokémon Showdown! (

As you'll see in later teams, I like Electro Ball. I usually run it on Jolteon, who kinda outclasses Alolachu these days, but while messing around came up with the idea of self-setting ETerrain, boosting Electro Ball both via Surge Surfer and the electric move boost. Also thought Reckless Supercell Slam Rhydon would be funny here, though DEdge is it's only other recoil move. Then came up with the healing item+Tera Normal Floatzel idea, for double the Double-Edge fun! Then added some uncommon hazard control mons+Decidueye in the back cuz it had a bunch of useful resists. Here's a fun replay of the Alolachu sweeping:
Replays - Pokémon Showdown! (

"Oh hey, two viable mons' names start with 'Mag', I should build a team around them!"


With Salazzle recently banned, I had to find another way to Toxic stuff, enter Weezing and Trick+Toxic Orb Bronzong! Naturally, with two bulky mons without reliable recovery, Wishpasser Farigirag was slapped on. Then Magneton to trap Steel-types to make Toxic more spammable, and just two top-tier mons in the back that covered any remaining weaknesses/missing roles.

Was originally meant to center around having 3 water mons, but somewhere down the line it became 5 pivots on one team and I just went with it. Would've done 6 but I needed hazards/hazard removal so it couldn't really be done (tho giving Toedscruel Leaf Storm+EPack is always an option). btw Tera Bug Jolteon has a chance to OHKO Wo-Chien with Pin Missile (depending on your luck with how many times it hits).


Shell Smash EPack Magcargo+a Copycat was a fun strat I came up with earlier in the gen, it's prob in some of the teams I've posted on here before. But now we have Jolteon, our fastest Copycat user who can take advantage of the stat boosts via Stored Power and that Electro Ball I love so much! The Atk boost helps too, being able to KO Wo-Chien without the need for Tera Bug. The team can admittedly get a little too passive at times, majorly being built around support for chances to pull off the strat, like Memento Uxie and Aurora Veil Aboma. But if you can pull the strat off, it's all worth it.


With Grafaiai giving us another Unburden mon and Uxie doing stuff, Grassy Terrain has also risen in usage. The idea behind this team is to use Grookey as a suicide lead so you can save Thwackey in the back for later. Also put Imprison on Uxie cuz it stops doubledance Alcremie in its tracks, an otherwise threat to terrain teams.

Wonder Room is the one that swaps the mons' Def and SpDef. In theory, Hoopa can boost its SpDef high af with CM and just turn it into PhysDef if a (slower) physical mon tries to rk it. Also got some fun stuff like mixed Blizzard Tauros and double trapping move+Binding Band Sandaconda!

Posted a personal VR on Discord, with those first three in C-rank. I hadn't really seen or used them in the current meta, and assumed they were just outclassed/niche. But some peeps stood up for them, saying they were still decent and deserved at least mid. So naturally I decided to try them out, ignoring the horrible type synergy with that triple fire weakness. Then while I was at it, I decided to add a couple other mons/sets I felt I hadn't used. And that's where the title comes from.

Noticing Lapras has Shell Armor, I immediately looked into making some annoying bulky doubledance set. It gets Curse, but sadly no Amnesia or anything to boost SpDef, so I had to get creative, with Apicot being the pinch SpDef boost berry. Went with Sub to help trigger the berry, while also taking advantage of Lapras's naturally high HP, with the defense boosts making it even harder to break. With only one attack and the rise of Water Absorb mons, I added Bruxish and Typhlosion to wear them down/take them out before bringing out Lapras. Also Eject Button+Switcheroo Whimsicott can be a funny one-time phaze with priority. Here's a replay of Lapras slaying and EButton Whimsicott coming in clutch:
Replays - Pokémon Showdown! (

It was indeed my 666th team, so naturally I had to do something to celebrate. That's where this Dudunsparce set came in. The main idea of the set is that its moves allow it to para, confuse, and flinch mons for maximum hax. It was also funnily enough a mon that couldn't afford to have any stats lowered so I could actually run a neutral nature! Other than that, I naturally had to find a way to fit Vivillon on the team, with it being #666 in the pokedex. Sadly this was post-Sleep ban so I had to go with some weird bulky doubledance stuff. Either way, here's a replay with an earlier rendition of the Dudunsparce set torturing someone (also a different team, not included here cuz Salazzle):
Replays - Pokémon Showdown! (

Glastrier is underrated AF right now. Also some fun sets like status Shiftry, Accupressure Qwilfish-H (see title), and my personal fav, Copycat+Tera Ground Mud Slap Jolteon. I thought I had a funny replay with Jolteon Copycating a Tera Ground Floatzel's Wave Crash for the win, but ig I didn't save it. But here's a fun long replay with toraflora!
Replays - Pokémon Showdown! (

For those of you who didn't know, I like Duosion. This Future Sight set is based on one that was running around in USUM, as fun as doubledance may be. Also Scarf Poliwrath is legit solid, while sadly slower than max Timid Jolteon by 1 point, it's still decent speed control that offers the same unique set of resistances as usual. Also surprise factor stuff.

Did you know Shore Up recovers more HP under Sand? Houndstone is prob still better in that slot tho. Anyway here's a replay of Lycanroc being borken:
Replays - Pokémon Showdown! (

People seem to really like Electivire (relative to past metas) so I thought I'd give it a go with Trailblaze BU. Got some meme sets on there too ofc, with PerishTrap Missy and 100% Crit Grafaiai (Lansat Berry is the pinch Focus Energy one). Also more Scarf Poliwrath.

Good movie. Questionable team.

A relatively normal team...sus af. Tho yeah this is around the time the drops happened, so I was just testing some stuff out. Made Alolan Eggy lvl 99 for opposing OTR Alolan Eggy, a strat from Gen 7, tho idt that ever came into play.

---Pre-March Shifts---

This was the Granbull team I mentioned earlier. Being made right before drops, notably Whimsicott, a lotta teams simply didn't have a Fairy resist. This was a great time for CB Granbull, especially alongside Magneton to trap and ko the common Steels and Lanturn to paralyze a bunch of stuff to make up for Granbull's low Speed.

Mostly a meme team, built around the idea of people expecting Snorlax and/or Hariyama to be running Thick Fat (neither of which are). And then the rest of the team being mons weak to Fire/Ice to further that expectation.

Just another instance of me wanting to try out some mons I hadn't used as much, ft. some less common stuff like CB Eel and SubToxic Muk.

I keep mixing them up, but to clarify, it's Magic Room, the one that disables items. The idea of Magic Room is to give all these Choiced/AV mons to set up while their items are disabled, and then sweeping once the items turn on again. Also helps Specs HElectrode, who otherwise really struggles if it picks the wrong move. Magic Room doesn't have the widest distribution (note that Uxie wasn't in the tier when I made this), hence Gothetelle sitting there.

Good times. Also had Oricorio-Sensu on there when it was first built, but replaced it when I realized I was missing Skunk (lucky too, considering Ori-Sensu is now banned).

---Pre-Feburary Shifts---

People seem to often forget this, but Mesprit's Atk is the same as its SpAtk (base 105). Also has a great physical movepool, s/o to Drain Punch which I wasn't able to fit on this set. Sub Hariyama is also cool, an overlooked move on BU sets, albeit makes sense with losing out on a coverage slot.

More fun with Shell Smash EPack Magcargo+Copycat, now featuring Mesprit!

Just some Grassy Terrain teams, centered around SpDef boosting mons that benefit from Grassy Seed (Missy+Moth/Ori). Moth originally had Sleep Powder, so I'm guessing I replaced it with Ori around the time that was banned. SR Lycanroc with EPack+CC is also cool on offensive, for momentum and an alternative lead to Thwackey.

Just a fun Toucannon set, with Scarf not there to serve as speed control as much as make up for its low Spe (at max Spe it's crept by base 115s, rn just creeps Lycanroc) and give it the surprise factor to hit fast/frail mons really hard with Brave Bird and Tera Normal Boomburst. It can also run Bullet Seed+Skill Link over Heat Wave.

If you watched the Sand team replay above, you know what Lycanroc can do. Paired it with CM Virizion to help with all those Ground mons and Sandaconda+Cramorant to help by spreading para for fast mons that might not care as much about Accelerock.

Pretty much just a handful of slow wallbreakers with para support from Dudunsparce.

Yes, Iron Ball Mesprit. Iron Ball not only made Mesprit slow enough to properly take advantage of TR, but also grounded it so the Psychic Terrain would boost its Expanding Force. Also stuck Fling on there for a nice 130BP physical move, which, looking at the current meta, still hits some random targets like Hoopa and Farigiraf. Other than that, standard TR.

This was built a little bit after Terrakion was banned (yes, that's how old we're getting), so I slapped a CB+Stone Edge on Virizion instead. Also got Encore Alcremie in the back, prob still a usable alternative to the current doubledance set.

A really fun moth set that nobody used cuz Quiver Dance. Moth has obv fallen off a lot with the ban of Sleep Powder (had to change it to Stun Spore while making this), but it still has a great utility movepool+U-turn to stop it from being a momentum drain like Weezing/Muk. Also Wonder Skin is funny.

Nothing much to say here, just standard, formulaic Rain: 2 setters, 3 sweepers, and 1 glue

Imagine a way to boost Frosmoth's Def to pair with its already high SpDef...

---Pre-January Shifts---

For the last team, a final weather team, Sand at that! This is obv completely outdated, but I like that it has Duosion+Leavanny cuz their abilities make them immune to sand damage. This would be from when Sandslash temporarily rose to NU, so Drilbur can just be slashed replaced with that.

Gonna end off on that high note. While I've got even more "legal" teams, half the reason all the mons are legal is cuz they're from less powercrept metas, so are outdated anyway. Also zoowi prob did some weird contribution stuff I forgot about.
made a pretty cool hail team after the new shifts came down because cetitan is a crazy mon. got the two good slush rush users and the hail setter. then lycanroc for hazards and skuntank for priority and set up opportunities and it 1v1s a lot. also Oricorio-g because the team was having a hard time versus all the good fighting types down here.
might want to make abomasnow speed raising nature to veils up more often
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This is a hyper offense team of sorts that I had quite a lot of success with. Team is pretty self explanatory use set up moves to sweep the opponent. The basic idea is using more bulky sets instead of of sword dancers/nasty plotters. Use Altaria to defog and spread burns. Snorlax is the best set up sweeper so try to not let her die. Use sucker punch for revenge killing. Use Dudunsparce as your lead most of the time to spread paralysis.




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